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First off, I just want to say I thought this was fucking brilliant. Now that my initial sentiments have been addressed I'd like to get ...

I really love the direction you went with this and I really like that you tried something different. This narrative kind of piece had a...

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Medium Poetry
50-200 words. Can be any form, though I am best at free verse. Please be descriptive and precise with your request.

caughtwhen I was younger
I used to chase boys
across the schoolyard
and carve their names into
the darkest depths of
my makeshift diaries;
I thought they were my
best kept secrets,
so carefully
tucked away under the
corners of my mattress
(or so I thought until my mother
asked me exactly who
jonathan was and why
my tongue tripped
over his name.)
as I entered
my ripe and pungent
teenage years full of angst
and peer pressure
I found myself falling
or rather flailing
madly into love,
which the first one is
always the messiest
because we’re still not
quite sure what love is
except that it makes your
chest feel tight and
sitting in class next to your now
extremely hard--
needless to say he was
neither the first nor last
boy to play with my heartstrings.
but now as I sit on the edge
of adulthood my feet dangling
precariously off its ledge,
the names and faces that
used to line the margins
of my notebooks
have faded to fond memories
and I’ve found myself
if I could go back in timeit all started with a hello that
came fl-fl-flittering from
my quivering, adolescent lips
and then we
into a hypersonic
oblivion were me melted together
in a symphonic mix
of words and the distilled
inks of dead poets.
we g r e w and glowed
and slowly we (I)
fell deeper into
uncharted waters that
made my bones grow cold
and my heart
drown with antic-
when you offered to
show me the very galaxies that
swirled in my faltering irises,
when you splayed
your fingers against
my spine and urged me
toward the dancing
with your soft willow-whispers
against my foolish ears
scared, I dashed away
like a frightened
lamb in the eyes
of God,
leaving your arms
empty and
while my heart
screamed bloody
murder from within
my rusted prison
Long Poetry or Short Story
Poems will be between 200 and 500 words. Can be any form, though I am best at free verse. Please be descriptive and precise with your request.

xcix. pushing up daisiesWe were laying on your bedroom floor
a nearly empty bottle of cheap wine was sitting
beside us as we barely watched some dramatic sitcom
play on the TV; your head was nestled against my shoulder
and your hand was tracing circles down my arm
as you drunkly rambled about you&me.
he loved me.
You threw your arms in the air with a
frustrated ‘tut’ as I stood there arms crossed
and waiting; all I wanted was an apology but you
stubbornly couldn't see past your ego until
you let your words slip and then the tears started
slipping down my face as my hand slipped from the crook
of my elbow and we both went to bed bruised--
the mark I left on your cheek was just as red as my still crying eyes.
he loved me not
It started with an exchange of 'hello, how are you?'
but turned into a last minute movie night at my place
where we talked more than we actually watched the movie,
which turned into me sitting in your lap,
your lips ghosting towards mine as my heart
nearly lea
verbatimthey say opposites attract and I guess they’re right
because I was attracted to you since the day we met
with those wild green eyes and your alluring words that made
me feel more comfortable in my own skin than
I have ever I felt in twenty years of existence,
you were a foreign taste to me that I began to crave
so insatiably that my angel became my devil’s advocate
and suddenly troubled waters turned into stormy seas
and all I remember are
the long days and hard nights
that were clouded with loud voices and
lots and lots of screaming
and tears so many tears
that i’m surprised i had
any to spare
but in the cacophony  
of clashing words and late night movie dates
we sparked
we ignited
we burned
you were the fire to my gasoline and it became
impossible to wash your ashes from my skin
you were painted on me;
it was our own Mona Lisa except she was frowning,
frowning because one of your hands was around my waist
and the other was pointed towards the sky

Short Stories will be roughly 500 words or less, depending upon how invested I become in the story. Extra words are free of charge if I get a little carried away.

Underneath the StarsShe stood there at the window, silently watching the storm that raged outside. The large droplets of rain splashed against the hard ground as rumbles of thunder echoed through the air. A flash of lighting popped in the distance giving the scene a pale violet glow. She watched as the careless winds pulled at the trees, bending them back and forth, threatening to break their limbs.
She pursed her lips and thought about the irony of the situation. It was if the storm that pursued outside the glass was the same one stirring in her heart. She felt as if she was the one being thrashed about, being bent back and forth, threatening to break apart.
But she knew there wasn’t anything she could do, except let the storm pass.
She sighed. I wonder what he’s doing?
He sat there at his desk, eyes blindly skimming over the pages of work that were scattered about. A textbook stood open at the end of the one desk, passage after passage running along its pag
Doodle/ Small Artwork
Small (5"x5") sample of work. Can be of any subject except NSFW content. Can be in medium (charcoal, watercolor, pencil etc.) Can be adapted digitally for +10 pts. If you wish to have the piece physically we can arrange that personally over note, though it will cost a little extra.




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21 | virgo | reject romantic | biomedical engineer
rotting poet | tøp trash | young god | amateur (crochet) hooker

"I can taste your skin in my teeth"

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Hi. I'm Jade/Crystal/CJ/crystallized-skies/Skies/Bisquit I like words and pretty things. Fall is my favorite season. I have an affinity for messy things like paint and relationships. I spend 95% of my time on the internet because the real world sucks sometimes.

you wanna fight bro?

you can stalk my tumblr here:

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Having not been very active on here lately, I was completely floored when I came home from work yesterday and logged on to see I had been awarded my second DD. My second! I couldn't believe it. And all for a poem I had discarded into my st.ash account because I didn't think it was good enough. And what makes this even sweeter is that it's the companion poem to my first DD poem, caught, and it just makes me so so happy to know that people can take these simplistic little words I write on a page and they love and understand them the same way I did. So I just want to personally thank from the bottom of my heart all of you that have left the absolute sweetest words on my poetry, all of you that have began to watch me (I hope I can live up to your expectations), and to all of you that have been with me over the months and years and have continued to encourage me to write my feelings into words. I want to (again) give a very special thanks to a-girl-named-divine because they are the reason my poem, undefined, even saw the light of day and got submitted here on dA. So thank you, you precious cinnamon roll for believing in my mindless ramblings and giving them the love I couldn't find in myself to give them. <3 

Now that I've gotten all the excitement and love outta the way, I figured while I was here with a free moment I would go ahead and do the to tags I've been holding onto in my inbox.

So first off, a-girl-named-divine 's music tag. In essence you're just suppose to list your favorite songs and explain why they're your favorite nuggets of musical joy. (I have waaaaaay too many favorite songs and I'm super indecisive so I'm gonna limit myself to 5 :P

In no particular order: 

1. Oh Mrs. Believer - Twenty One Pilots | [Listen]
This song, for some unknown reason that I can't really place, has made a very special place for itself in my heart. This song never fails to put me at peace and calms me down. It's the first song I play when I've had a rough day and need to relax. 

2. Second Chance - Shinedown | [Listen]
This song was (and still is) an anthem that has framed my life for some time now. It helped me realize that it was absolutely okay for me to be the who I am the way I am and that no one could change that. And Shinedown is just a kick ass band so yeah. 

3. Life In Color - One Republic | [Listen]
This is one of those songs that, much like Oh Mrs. Believer, also picks me up when I'm down but in a whole different way. In some ways it makes me feel like I'm bursting with color and makes me feel lighter. It makes me take a moment to "smell the roses" and recognize all the little things in my life that truly make me happy.
4. Control - Halsey | [Listen]
The main reason this song made it onto this list (despite it just being a really cool song by a really cool singer) is because it has one of my all-time favorite lyrics. Lyrics that I one day hope to immortalize on my body. During the pre-chorus she sings that she's "bigger than these bones" and that just resonates so well with me because sometimes it's hard for me to look past my own personal imperfections and I'm sometimes hard on myself because of those things but this song reminds me that I am so so much more than just my body here taking up space. I have a purpose. I touch people's lives. I am here for a reason

5. (I Never Promised You) A Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson | [Listen]
I know, I know. A completely different song from all the others here on this list. But this one made it here because of the memories it brings to mind. It's one of the earliest songs I remember and it makes me think of early Sunday mornings spent in the kitchen dancing and singing with my mom and it just brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. <3 

And now secondly, another tag from a-girl-named-divine.

here are the rules for da meme
1. You have to post these rules.
8. You can't say you don't do tags.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 10 people
5. You have to tag 10 people.
6. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things. 

So 10 things about me 

1. I have never left the United States. 
2. Nor have I visited anywhere outside of the 6 States of the "South". 
3. I have a nail polish collection of 40+ colors. 
4. I kick ass at the Just Dance Wii games. 
5. The only pet I've ever had was a pet fish; he was a blue beta named Blueberry. 
6. I have an associates degree in Web Design. 
7. The number 3 is my favorite number. 
8. I have an unhealthy obsession with triangles. 
9. I collect buttons and pins. 
10. My right foot is bigger than my left foot. 

10 Questions from Divya

1. favorite color? why?
Ahhhhhhh, I usually don't pick just one color. SO I'm gonna break the rules and say Royal Blue, Plum Purple, and Black. And as for why? Those are the colors that calm me the most, they provide me the most comfort, they are the colors I'm most attracted to, and generally are the ones that "speak" to me the most. 

ii. whats the last time you cried with happiness?
I'm generally not one to cry, but I can say when I bought my very first car (about a month ago) I felt like I could cry I was so happy. 

iii. whats one thing about you that you hope everybody notices? (looks wise, personality wise, etc)
Looks wise would be my eyes. The way they change color in the sunlight makes them my most precious feature. Personality wise would be my kindness. 

iv. describe the person you want to be when you grow up. 
I want to be a real world superhero. Someone who can help people and someone who people can depend upon in their darkest and brightest moments. 

v. what something you wish you had more time to do? study a certain subject, for example, or pick up a new hobby?
Draw/improve my arting skills. I love drawing and watercoloring but it's nothing more than a hobby right now and as I've gotten older I've let that skill fall to the wayside because I've just been too dang busy to practice or even doodle much. 

vi. tell me something that makes you happy so i can be happy abt it too
Other people smiling and being happy makes me happy, so if you're happy about me being happy then in turn I'm happy because you're happy about me being happy. Happiness-inception :la: 

vii. a childhood memory
Standing by the cassette player in the kitchen of my childhood home. My mother is cooking dinner. I can smell the biscuits cooking in the oven. My dad is at the stove beside my mom. They're both singing and cooking as they watch me singing and dancing to mom's old country cassette tapes. My mom and dad take a break from cooking to start line dancing in the middle of the kitchen and soon I join in, dancing along with them. <3

viii. what were some other candidates for your name? 
Fun fact: I was actually named after my mom's barbie doll she had growing up. She named her doll Crystal Jade and she said "One day this is what I'll name my daughter if I have one." If I had been a boy I would been named Jamie or James after my dad. 

ix. what is your Look™? aka what would you call your style?
Cute Casual Hipster a.k.a. whatever the hell is comfy and black in my closet with the occasional floral pattern, almost always paired with mixed jewelry and my converse or boots. 

x. what made you start writing?
I wanted a place to express myself. I know that sounds cheesy and cliché but it's true. I had all these ideas and emotions that I wanted to write out, so I did. Some of them were personal, some of them were just figments of my growing imagination. And seeing as I had been writing since a young age it never occurred to me to not write these things down. And thus the poetess Crystal was born. :3


All tags done, and now it's time for bed. I'm going to regret staying up when I'm on my way to work tomorrow. :P 


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