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A Few Of My Favorite Things

My Favorite Deviants

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My Favorite Lit

You asked for dark poetry.i will never
be nice
to my enemies.
i will devour them all.
with a fork.
Poet x Poet‘‘pen me,’’
she slipped off
her dust-jacket
and spread her
he pressed his
fingers on
her newly bared

she shifted her
hand below
his layers of
brushing his hard-
back with
whispers of uninhibited

‘‘write me.’’
if my body is flint your fingers are steelstrike a
upon my
send us
both up
in flames.
It's okay to be imperfectThe moon
has craters
and look
how bright
it shines,
even in
the darkest
of times.
fuck space, i'm the elephant in the roomit’s this simple. you only get in trouble
if you get caught, but this is a game of cat and mouse-
so nothing is as simple as a political scandal in the morning news
and lip synced apologies to leather bound journals
(you shouldn’t pick from the bottom, dear boy,
for wolves and girls have sharp teeth and wit,
and you’re asking for a one way ticket
on a boat that will sink halfway across the Pacific.)

but even if the sink caves in around me,
like lying in rosemary remembrance,
i’ll drown in the dying beauty
of controversy and contusions,
quasi-love embarking
around the exploding dissonance
of my cacophonous crown
made of false prophets
and fallacious hope.
listen to the little bombs around you,
finical rays of sunshine among little april showers.
i wish we had made something different
for ourselves among the rubble, but
mistakes mold us into future success,
future failures if we don’t move on.
fair may be my advantage, but how,
dear boy, will you u
how to love a boy who is lost.fall
like you're jumping from a cliff
into a thrashing sea whose waters you cannot tread,
dive into their depths and fill your lungs with waves.
just don't close your eyes,
because you have to search for him.
feel your weight drag you to the bottom,
feel the ocean embrace you
and don't be afraid of that pounding in your chest.
each heartbeat is sonar
a signal calling him and his calling you.
learn to swim now
if you drown you cannot save him.
swim to the fallen cities,
the submerged castles
and maritime gardens.
there you'll find him,
lost in thought and studying the fish.
i hope you saved some oxygen
so you can breathe during the kiss.
You asked for dark poetry.i will never
be nice
to my enemies.
i will devour them all.
with a fork.
nineteen, five five, one twentyandrogynous, though still cat-called from bearded
men in pickup trucks - wandering eyes ride me at work.
the only thing i have in common with disney's painted
version of a chinese war hero is my 'masculine' hairdo -
an ocean wave peaks above a fat, concealer smeared forehead.
i like to put on eyeliner blacker than my heart,
i like to put on lipstick redder than the blood of my enemies.
bracket shaped collar bones punctuate the start of my chest,
choppy ribs that have seen more fat sink and tuck into my hips.
these days i am shaped like a pear, held up with knobby knees,
skin paled, purpled with stretchmarks and self harm scars.
my body has grown on me,
nearly the same way that i have grown into it.
    stand still
         and fill
me with
         and daffodils
   with your
    the stem
           and thorns
of the
     rigid backbone snaking
           under desert sands
pluck me
          then all at once
See stardust pooling
               at the
fight off sleep
          our lungs
              are speaking
FateTo loveless marriages and
the men and women who
tore our hearts from our
chest and our heads from our
Toast again to pristine white
dresses, the tight neckties
and collars of God.
Women dressed in blue and
black, throwing flowers,
catching flies in honey and
throwing them back to the
world without wings
To the shuttered offices and
$300 hours where men and
women sit with knives, ready
to carve out their own fortune
from a dead bloated carcass
lying still on the paper.
Discarded bands and small
tan lines sing of years
forgotten and the acids yet to
To the children that fate
forgot, clutching to any hope
in their darkness, holding onto
any remains of a crumbling
household. Revolution spins
in their heads, tied tight to
betrayal and hate.
Fate never forgot you, so hold
on tight, you'll fall soon
Trust FallingTrust Falling
trust your stomach
rather than your mind.
understand that judgement fails you;
senses never do.
trust it even when your gut is
falling. Like something of an
angel with clipped wings
losing its ability to fly.
lofty exceptions of what could be 
is never quite what you intended
never quite what we expected as we plummet.
gaining force as we arrow towards it.
in only romance-laden dreams,
nestling their way into our cracked psyches. 
love is late night talks--
only a quarter of the night do we truly
venture near an iota of sleep.
eventually we cradle it from head to chest.
Counting Starslately
i've taken up
on the floor
looking up
at the ceiling
of the earth
counting stars
laws of physics
they seem
so close
to touching
on the tips
of my fingers
as our
bump top
on top
with our
entangled hair
and synchronized

Beauty In The Raw Project

Beauty In The Raw Project

"If only for a moment in that time, we are being true and honest about how we feel about our bodies, how we look, and how we feel about everything that makes us human. "

~ Ricky, chromeantennae

This is a wonderful project started by my wonderful friend Ricky a.k.a. chromeantennae. It started out with a simple and breathtaking piece of his that quickly snowballed into something bigger and grander than anyone ever expected. It was a movement to promote raw, unadulterated beauty and that is exactly what was achieved. Even though the hype has died down, the support for the project is still there and growing. Check out the piece that started it all, the journal dedicated to the project, and my contribution to the project below.

What Started it All
5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG)5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG)
it’s six-seventeen in the morning
and the water is just getting hot again
(my mother wakes up at ungodly hours)
and as i wait to turn on the shower,
i catch my own reflection
looking back at me.
and i take this time to look in,
instead of merely glancing.
light azure cotton assures me i’m in shape
before i remove it over my hair
looking like a bird’s nest
combined with everest.
i drop the shirt to the tile
and run my hands over my torso
north, flowing like the nile river.
my brown skin doesn’t move against the traction
and i suppose that means it’s tight to the muscle
or the bone, or whatever it is
(i was never good with science or
biology or really physical education.).
but my eyes run over my hair,
my own eyebrows, expressive
as they rise and fall. move and contort,
they're the main reason
that i've never been able to hide
how i feel. 
or appear sad when i'm merely thinking.
ears not all that wide

The Project
Beauty In Raw Humanity - The Self Image Project"Beauty in raw humanity" is something I use a lot when referring to honesty and openness. Over my time here, I've always wanted to be open and honest, true to myself, and true to you guys because we all know there are too many instances where folks are less than honest. They lie about their names, appearance, personality, even their day-to-day lives. But lately, in the span of only two weeks, we have spawned a project about being completely honest with ourselves.
If only for a moment in that time, we are being true and honest about how we feel about our bodies, how we look, and how we feel about everything that makes us human. Whether it's affected by society, our own internal mechanisms, or all of the above; we have over 50 people at this point being completely honest and being completely human with themselves. And because of that, we have the opportunity to see all of these absolutely gorgeous people be unashamed about who they are and I must say, these are some of the most be

My Piece
NakedI want you to look at me naked
No, I don’t mean in the comfort
of your bedroom twisted amongst silk sheets
as I lay beneath your looming figure
I mean look at me
in my flesh
in my barest form
parading my flaws
as if they are my trophies.
I want you to look at
this 5’5 frame of fragile bone
and pleasantly plump baggage
and see not the way
my hips curve underneath tightly
stretched skin or
the way my thighs touch in jeans that
hide my full waist,
instead I want you to
notice the way
my dimples curve like half full moons or
the way I bob my head to the
beat of my favorite song.  
I want you to notice
the way my shoulders are
always hunched over as if
my body is always asking a question
and the way my eyes dart skittishly
over the cracks in the pavement
because I'd rather notice
the weeds beneath my feet
than the perfect
that passed me by.  
I want you to look at
my petite hands and the chipped polish
that covers my nails and watch as they run

The Group Effort Behind It


Monthly Feature - January 2015

Digital Art

Zero by Aegis-Illustration

Traditional Art

old hands by AlexndraMirica


Dark Beauty by rulik-zlomocny

Artisan Crafts

Pidgeotto Amigurumi by AnyaZoe


YouI miss you
There are so many words I can use
Yet still I only choose three
Now it's time to set them free
I love you


Customization/Pixel Art/Emotes

Pixel Girl by kiimiro

Comics & Cartoons

Put Me In A Movie by PearlChelle

Manga & Anime

Unravel by kyunpoo


goodnight by ForestFright

Fan Art

Swinging Spider-Gwen by eisu


- to be featured -




success? I got the first lit piece in my inbox. Is dA working again? 
I'm looking for a contest to feature this month on my profile, you guys got any? :eager:
Soooo I'm thinking about doing a bi-monthly journal music/feature thingy. What do you guys think? Will it just be clutter for your inbox or would you be interested in reading it? 


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

Biomedical Engineer | Poet | Music Nerd
United States

"I could show you incredible things."

just a 20 year old girl trying to find her way through life one mistake at a time.

i love all types of art. traditional art is my favorite but digital art is a close second.
i'm addicted to watercolors. crocheting is now my favorite pastime.
oh, and poetry. yeah, if you haven't already noticed it's kinda important to me.
there shouldn't be anything else you need to know but feel free to drop me note anytime.
i'm always here to talk.


Hello, my name is crystallized-skies

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 8:07 PM
  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: Irresistible - FOB
  • Reading: The Andromeda Strain
  • Watching: Into The Wormhole
  • Playing: Just Dance 4
  • Eating: cake
  • Drinking: coffee

So yeah, I'm sure you've probably noticed it by now. It took me an extremely long time to make this decision. I am a very indecisive person (everyone who knows me hates asking the dreaded "so where do you want to eat?" question xD). But ultimately I finally felt like this was who I was, or more precisely who I had become. I'm gonna be closing in on my 3 year anniversary here on dA and boy have I grown. I was just a shy, timid teenager that kept her thoughts confined to the pages of her well-used books and dreamed about endless futures. If feel like the past 3 years have broken me down and rebuilt me over and over again until this emerged. Yeah, I'm still shy and I'm that socially awkward turtle that usually third-wheels it at parties but I have become more confident in myself, I believe in myself more, and I've finally learned to love and protect who I truly am. 

I didn't mean for this journal to get that deep but it did. hehe :giggle:

Anywho, that's about it. Go check my poll if you guys wanna help me in the inspiration department. 

I'll see you later lovelies. Mwua! ::blow kiss: 

Oh! While I'm at it I'm just gonna leave this here because apparently dA is being very glitchy with it's lit pieces. :grump:

verbatimthey say opposites attract and I guess they’re right
because I was attracted to you since the day we met
with those wild green eyes and your alluring words that made
me feel more comfortable in my own skin than
I have ever I felt in twenty years of existence,
you were a foreign taste to me that I began to crave
so insatiably that my angel became my devil’s advocate
and suddenly troubled waters turned into stormy seas
and all I remember are
the long days and hard nights
that were clouded with loud voices and
lots and lots of screaming
and tears so many tears
that i’m surprised i had
any to spare
but in the cacophony  
of clashing words and late night movie dates
we sparked
we ignited
we burned
you were the fire to my gasoline and it became
impossible to wash your ashes from my skin
you were painted on me;
it was our own Mona Lisa except she was frowning,
frowning because one of your hands was around my waist
and the other was pointed towards the sky

So I'm tired of dwelling on my pitiful love life as the inspiration for my poems so I need prompts! 

4 deviants said Love you darlings! :love:
1 deviant said I'll probably take 5 or so and so a "Prompted Mini-Series" or some jazz like that :XD:
1 deviant said We can even trade prompts if you're feeling spicy :onfire:
No deviants said Any prompts will do!
No deviants said One word, two words, quotes, even songs
No deviants said But I'll take all the prompts you give me because I can ALWAYS use inspiration
No deviants said Just drop'em in the comments below! :eager:


crystallized-skies has started a donation pool!
200 / 2,000
All points donated will be used for contests, prizes, out-of-kindness donations, and commissions to help fellow deviants. Any and all donations are kindly appreciated.

1+ :points: llama, favs, and comments

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100+ :points: short story

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