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"I could show you incredible things."

just a 20 year old girl trying to find her way through life one mistake at a time.

i love all types of art. traditional art is my favorite but digital art is a close second.
i'm addicted to watercolors. crocheting is now my favorite pastime.
oh, and poetry. yeah, if you haven't already noticed it's kinda important to me.
there shouldn't be anything else you need to know but feel free to drop me note anytime.
i'm always here to talk.

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And so I've decided to attempt the 100 Theme Challenge. :dummy:  My mind has been cluttered to the brim with poem ideas the past couple of weeks however absolutely nothing has resulted from all this rotting inspiration. So I've decided to use the 100 Prompt Challenge as a way to force those little ideas out of my headspace so that I can breathe and think for once. 

I'm also going to be using this as a way to decompress at the end of the day. I've been having too many restless nights for my liking (I've been going through cycles of being between waking and sleeping and the entire time my brain is thinking) and I discovered its a result of all the stress I've been under this semester and because I usually do homework until I finally decide to throw my body in bed so essentially I've been taking my work to bed with me and that's not good. xD So poetry as a distraction it is. :P

I've looked at doing the 100 Prompt Challenges before but never really got around to it until I started seeing That1PersonYouForgot's pieces pop up in my inbox and I was inspired to give the challenge a go. (You should really go read her poems, they are AH-MAZING! Also give her some love I know she's been down a bit lately can could use the hug. :hug:

Anywho, I'll get the technical stuff out of the way. I will participating through 100ThemesChallenge and I will be using Variation 2 of the prompts. However I will be adding my own twist and I will be working backwards, starting at 100 and making my way down to 1. I like to be original like that. ;) I will be posting each piece here after it's complete just so they're all in one place. 

100 Prompt Challenge

c. and counting

xcix. pushing up daisies
xcviii. masterpiece
xcvii. click.

Anyway I think that's it lovelies. 

Have a beautiful week. :rose: 


during the rainy season
 storm clouds swirl in my irises
         and thunder e c h o e s
    my [between] ribs
while lightning drips down my spine.
my fingers are drumming against
my thigh to the radio as
I casually listen to the chatter
that fills the car;
I stare out the window watching
scenery fly by wondering
what I’ll do when I get home.

but all it takes is one second,
the blink of an eye
for those scenic landscapes
to be traded for flashing
lights and suddenly
eternal nights.
xcvii. flashes
Prompt 97: safety

I decided to redo this one after a serious of events today. I was in a car accident today. Nothing major, nobody hurt, just a couple of broken bumpers. But it made me stop and think and I needed to get these thoughts out of my head so here it is.

The old poem can still be viewed: it just won't be part of the prompt challenge. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
one, two, three, click.
one, two, three, click.

we pass your dad’s old revolver
back and forth with feverish hands,
like two addicts fumbling to get
their fix for the day.

one, two, three, click.
one, two, three, click.

the feeling of the cold metal against
my temple and my finger
trembling against the trigger
and the adrenaline dripping
through my veins makes my heart
quake in my chest, frantically it pounds against
my ribs vying for my distracted attention--
you’re an idiot, a fucking idiot you know that?
just put that damned thing down already,
you don’t know who’ll get hurt...

one, two, three, click.
one, two, three

my body jolts;
I stare unbelievingly
but still slowly reach for my
steel companion, wiping away it’s
crimson right of passage as
I reload, the envy of my dear friend
burning in my knuckles.

one, two, three, click.
one, two, three, click.
this one started out very innocence and then it took a turn for the worse 
2 deviations
we are not perfectly cut puzzle pieces
that neatly fit together in a bigger picture;
we are messy and raw,
no more than a band of misfits
that happens to love the way our
imperfections shape us into our own
little masterpieces.


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